Sony at it again Ps vita

With worldwide sales satisfactory for the Psp Go, one would think that Sony would sit idle and reap the harvests from its latest addition to its already expanding directory of portable gaming gadgets. However, we have come to know that Sony is planning to drive the last nail in the competitors’ coffin by releasing yet another mind blowing gadget called Ps Vita. This console supports Wifi and 3G, much like the Nintendo 3Ds, and makes connectivity child’s play. A 5″ OLED multitouch capacitive touchscreen is planned which also receives feedback from a rear sensor as well as head detection and tracker to make playing the Ps Vita an unforgettable experience! Front and rear cameras, coupled with gyroscope and accelometer, guarantee full body involvement from head to toe! Internal ram has skyrocketed to 512Mb, which is more than 16 times than the original Psp! Improved loading times and faster game play is to be expected thanks to a 4 core graphics processing unit. A strange coincidence is that the Ps Vita is rumored to also act as a controller for the forthcoming PS3 which is quite similar to what Nintendo Wii u is offering. Only time can tell how the Nintendo Corporation takes this. Backward compatibility is yet to be announced.

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