Fashion mistake women make part 2

Wearing dresses which showcases your flaws and highlights the features you don’t want is also a major sign of inconsideration for style and fashion. Know your body type and so you don’t dress inappropriately. For e.g. women with an hourglass figure should wear flow fabrics with a defined waistline. Dressed inappropriately for occasions or interviews and meetings not only gives a bad impression but may also cost you new opportunities to grow. Being dressed casually shows your sense for dressing in the park or when shopping at Walmart, but you do have to be careful when it comes to choosing a dress which wouldn’t look odd or out of place.



One of the major turnoff is when a woman wears clothes that are wrinkled or crumpled and look like they have been picked up from the garbage. It might seem that you are portraying it’s-my-style attitude, but in reality, it just shows your lack of sense for style. In the workplace, wrinkled clothes show you to be highly unprofessional and not serious about your job. Other times if just gives the impression of an unsuccessful life as the person with wrinkled clothes that she doesn’t care how she looks and that is, dear readers, quite the opposite of fashion and trend following.

Clothes that are too tight or too baggy are not only uncomfortable but do no justice to their purpose. Women wear baggy clothes hoping to look thinner but actually end up looking shaggy and old. Similarly, clothes that are too tight make you look fatter and shapeless rather than thin and sleek. You can be wearing a very stylish dress, but if you keep adjusting your shirt and fidgeting with your jeans, it’s not going to help you look stylish. It is stressed that you should go to a gym or yoga centre atleast 3 times a week to keep yourself fit and shapely. This will eliminate the need of wanting to look thinner by wearing ill fitting clothes and will give a big boost to your confidence. Wearing ill-fitting clothes is ranked number 1 in the Top 10 Common Fashion mistakes Women make list.


Style and comfort do not go hand in hand in the fashion world most of the times. Stylish yet uncomfortable shoes can give you lots of pain in more than one place. Shoes that are not comfortable can cause irritation that shows plainly on your face. If you have bad toenails, wear shoes that cover the toenails instead of the open ones. What people fail to understand most of the time is that we should use the current fashion trends to make us look better and cover up any flaws we might see in ourselves instead of bringing them out like explained here. Wearing shoes according to your dress, occasion and most importantly shoes that are comfortable can enhance your style and confidence. Stylish uncomfortable shoes simply keep nagging at you to take them off which kills the whole idea!

Remember the time you saw a woman with odd hair color that reminded you of The Dark Knight movie? Well that’s our fashion faux pas at number 9 in the Top 10 Fashion mistakes women make list. Sporting a certain hairstyle or hair color requires a lot of care and reflection. Assess what colors suit your skin and complement your features. You should always go for hair colors which are a shade or two above or below your skin color. Secondly, your hairstyle also affects the way you look. A lot of people have odd hair colors which makes them look even better than their natural hair colors did because they have done thorough research before going for it. So go to a good hairstylist for sound advice if you are hell bent on having one of those green or orange hair colors to save yourself from tons of embarrassment.

I guess you know what your mistakes are now, learn and be a fashion police to others and your kids most especially

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