Fashion Mistakes Women Make

In an attempt to look trendy, women are apt to follow the latest fashions and styles blindly. Just because a dress looks good in a magazine doesn’t mean it will make you look good too (a mean but wise advice for all my women readers)! Wanting to fit in with the high street fashion requires a lot of practice and caution. Overdoing any style or trend can backfire. Top 10 Common Fashion mistakes Women make regarding fashion are not those in which you dress up in emo clothes when going to an important business meeting. That a major blunder. What we are here to talk about is those silly fashion mistakes which make you look like a juvenile in terms of fashion and rather foolish in the mall or even in your own house! While sometimes it’s an honest mistake because you are getting late for work or just plain ignorant, these are the major fashion mistakes women make. Anyone can look fashionable and stylish just by avoiding these fashion blunders.

The secret of beauty is to keep it a secret! Applying makeup in public is sin number 10 in the list of Top 10 Fashion mistakes women make. Beautiful people look sharp and attractive with their nails filed, eyebrows plucked and toes cleaned but they don’t do it in the mall in full view! It’s not a pretty sight watching a woman apply makeup while driving or shopping, let alone the hazard of it. Why do you think they have mirrors installed in the bathrooms! Applying makeup in public is a big no no and should be avoided at all costs. Even in an emergency, go to the ladies room to put on makeup or even to reapply it and spare others the sight! It also gives the impression that you can’t manage your time properly.

Pink shoes, pink dress, pink bag and glasses. Couple that with a pink phone and a pink car. Hopefully you would have understood what I’m trying to imply. Though that may be the perfect look for a Hollywood blonde, clothes and accessories matching from head to toe looks very odd. It just not chic and show how poorly you understand fashion and style. Try to color mix and matching your accessories to tone up or down your dress. They can be of contrasting shades or colors which enhance the look of your dress. Whenever you feel like wearing matching from head to toe clothes, just remember that you are making the same fashion statement as Santa Clause!

A major mistake women make is over accessorizing by wearing too many accessories. Whether the reason is our social norms or personal love of jewelry, women tend to load themselves with jewelry from head to toe. Another fashion faux pas is wearing gold earrings with a silver necklace. Similarly piling on too much makeup can be a fashion let down try to go easy on the makeup palette, unless you are going to a Halloween party. Over accessorizing was used in ancient Africa and Europe by women and even men to show off their wealth. So unless you want the IRS guys to come running after you, is better to just keep the accessorizing to the minimum so that people would know that you are the main attraction instead of your chains and rings.

Some things are best when kept secret. Showing off your undergarments has never been considered cool. There is a reason it’s called undergarments!!!!! Revealing clothing may go unnoticed (or the opposite) and considered okay only in clubs and other places like them. A few women have gone as far as wearing revealing clothing in their offices which breaks almost half a dozen office as well as moral and social etiquettes. Wearing such clothes can be quite embarrassing for you as well as the people around you and should be avoided at all costs. An honest mistake apart, Revealing clothing is placed 4th in the Top 10 List of Common Fashion mistakes Women and should be avoided at all cost.


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