Fashion Mistakes Women Make

In an attempt to look trendy, women are apt to follow the latest fashions and styles blindly. Just because a dress looks good in a magazine doesn’t mean it will make you look good too (a mean but wise advice for all my women readers)! Wanting to fit in with the high street fashion requires a lot of practice and caution. Overdoing any style or trend can backfire. Top 10 Common Fashion mistakes Women make regarding fashion are not those in which you dress up in emo clothes when going to an important business meeting. That a major blunder. What we are here to talk about is those silly fashion mistakes which make you look like a juvenile in terms of fashion and rather foolish in the mall or even in your own house! While sometimes it’s an honest mistake because you are getting late for work or just plain ignorant, these are the major fashion mistakes women make. Anyone can look fashionable and stylish just by avoiding these fashion blunders.

The secret of beauty is to keep it a secret! Applying makeup in public is sin number 10 in the list of Top 10 Fashion mistakes women make. Beautiful people look sharp and attractive with their nails filed, eyebrows plucked and toes cleaned but they don’t do it in the mall in full view! It’s not a pretty sight watching a woman apply makeup while driving or shopping, let alone the hazard of it. Why do you think they have mirrors installed in the bathrooms! Applying makeup in public is a big no no and should be avoided at all costs. Even in an emergency, go to the ladies room to put on makeup or even to reapply it and spare others the sight! It also gives the impression that you can’t manage your time properly.

Pink shoes, pink dress, pink bag and glasses. Couple that with a pink phone and a pink car. Hopefully you would have understood what I’m trying to imply. Though that may be the perfect look for a Hollywood blonde, clothes and accessories matching from head to toe looks very odd. It just not chic and show how poorly you understand fashion and style. Try to color mix and matching your accessories to tone up or down your dress. They can be of contrasting shades or colors which enhance the look of your dress. Whenever you feel like wearing matching from head to toe clothes, just remember that you are making the same fashion statement as Santa Clause!

A major mistake women make is over accessorizing by wearing too many accessories. Whether the reason is our social norms or personal love of jewelry, women tend to load themselves with jewelry from head to toe. Another fashion faux pas is wearing gold earrings with a silver necklace. Similarly piling on too much makeup can be a fashion let down try to go easy on the makeup palette, unless you are going to a Halloween party. Over accessorizing was used in ancient Africa and Europe by women and even men to show off their wealth. So unless you want the IRS guys to come running after you, is better to just keep the accessorizing to the minimum so that people would know that you are the main attraction instead of your chains and rings.

Some things are best when kept secret. Showing off your undergarments has never been considered cool. There is a reason it’s called undergarments!!!!! Revealing clothing may go unnoticed (or the opposite) and considered okay only in clubs and other places like them. A few women have gone as far as wearing revealing clothing in their offices which breaks almost half a dozen office as well as moral and social etiquettes. Wearing such clothes can be quite embarrassing for you as well as the people around you and should be avoided at all costs. An honest mistake apart, Revealing clothing is placed 4th in the Top 10 List of Common Fashion mistakes Women and should be avoided at all cost.



Microsoft on verge of releasing Xbox 720

Microsoft is not intent on taking the news sitting down of major contenders on the verge of releasing newer consoles which can easily overshadow the Xbox 360 technically as well as in game play. However, Microsoft might be still sore from the $ 1 billion loss it incurred when it launched Xbox 360.Even with the Xbox 360 still going strong, the analysts started weighting all the options. Finally coming to a decision, Microsoft has decided to go public with the news of development of the Xbox 360′s successor, namely the Xbox 720.Landing on the second spot of the Top 10 most awaited gadgets list, it is sure to be loaded with features like high definition 3D features, multiple sensors for precision motion control, unrivaled graphics capability and an even faster game play. AI and physics of the next generation games under development for the Xbox 720 are said to be years ahead of others. Only a touchscreen controller seems to be lacking as all other competitors are sure to include this feature. Thanks to DirectX technology, Microsoft claims that normal game play will sport graphics and visuals no less than those seen in James Cameron’s epic “Avatar”! With such a huge claim of Xbox 720 capabilities, we are eagerly looking forward to its unveiling in the E3 2012.

The much anticipated Gadget: Iphone 5

The number 1 spot of the Top 10 upcoming gadgets goes to none other than the well loved and much prized Apple Iphone. With the 4th generation doing phenomenal business everywhere, a new Iphone story has emerged. The reason Iphone is the most awaited upcoming gadget is that so little is known about it. With Retina Display and Face time as regular features, it is bound to also have PSD, Apples latest patented technology which is basically an anti-fingerprint technology. A projector integration may be in the making too. As regarding the shape, pictures seem to show a much thinner and partly teardrop shaped phone with a wider home button than the previous versions. Apple has really kept the lid on this one as not even the carriers have been notified of any development regarding these devices. Lastly, it is being claimed that this 4″ gadget will come out in black and white colors. Until apple officially makes any announcement, we will have to make do with all we can get our hands on and wait of the day when we can at least preorder our own Iphone 5!

Apple Ipad HD-Retina display capability

With more than 15 combinations to choose from, the current Ipad line up has already fulfilled all the requirements of users ranging from novice to professionals. Sufficient evidence has been gathered by various groups which proves that Apple Inc. still have another trick up their sleeves. The news of a new 9.7″ A5 powered Ipad called the Ipad HD has been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now. This has irked many users who rushed to the stores to buy the Ipad 2 a few moths ago. However, those who passed up on the Ipad 2 are now jumping with joy as they will make a better transition. Many claim that there was no major difference between the two Ipads except for Face time and was not a good buy. But this time around, apple has played their cards right by bringing Retina display over to Ipad HD. The stated 2048×1536 pixel display translates literally to four times the resolution from last time making it the third most wanted gadget. This feature sounds very fantastic but it bound to affect the overall battery timings as well as the introductory prices of these gadgets.

Sony at it again Ps vita

With worldwide sales satisfactory for the Psp Go, one would think that Sony would sit idle and reap the harvests from its latest addition to its already expanding directory of portable gaming gadgets. However, we have come to know that Sony is planning to drive the last nail in the competitors’ coffin by releasing yet another mind blowing gadget called Ps Vita. This console supports Wifi and 3G, much like the Nintendo 3Ds, and makes connectivity child’s play. A 5″ OLED multitouch capacitive touchscreen is planned which also receives feedback from a rear sensor as well as head detection and tracker to make playing the Ps Vita an unforgettable experience! Front and rear cameras, coupled with gyroscope and accelometer, guarantee full body involvement from head to toe! Internal ram has skyrocketed to 512Mb, which is more than 16 times than the original Psp! Improved loading times and faster game play is to be expected thanks to a 4 core graphics processing unit. A strange coincidence is that the Ps Vita is rumored to also act as a controller for the forthcoming PS3 which is quite similar to what Nintendo Wii u is offering. Only time can tell how the Nintendo Corporation takes this. Backward compatibility is yet to be announced.

Google Nexus 3

This time around, Google has yet again caught the attention of masses with its upcoming release of Google Nexus 3. Sporting a massive 720p HD screen, this smart phone will be running on a newly launched Ice cream Sandwich OS. Specs also boast of 1.5GHz processor and 1 GB ram. A 5MP camera is expected which is powerful enough to support 1080 HD video recording. Other than this not much is know but special features like Holographic User Interface, Speech Recognition and Face Recognition are likely to make their debut with this phone marking a new era of how people interact with their mobile devices. Google Apps store is already offering a wide variety of apps and games to keep fans busy till the new Google Nexus comes out! A Nexus tablet is also being planned to be made available soon.

Apple Ipod touch (5th generation)

After adding every possible feature in their Apple Ipod touch 4th generation including a touchscreen with a dazzling display, people thought that the Ipod had finally reached its pinnacle and could get no better. Well, they were wrong. Rumors have started circulating the web about a new soon to be released Ipod. A connection toggle switch has been added as evident by the leaked photos. This implies that the new Ipod will get 3G connectivity. This would mean unlimited text messaging at virtually no cost. The always connected status will be very useful for communication and entertainment alike. Another plus point is that this dual core A5 powered gadget can compete with the majority of smart phones in gaming as well as other apps. This would, in fact, make it a competitor of Iphone as well as Ipad. These new features are bound to push up the prices of the next Ipod Touch but that is something we will have to wait and see. It is currently at the 10th position of Top 10 most awaited gadgets.

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