NNEKA, Lucia Egbuna (The Beauty of African Music)

What are the inspirations we get from todays music, what are the teachings we tend to put into practise, what are the histories we do not know or forget.
Who among todays arts reminds us of who we are, what we want to achieve and what we are fighting for…quoting Spin “Righteaously Bold and Heartbreakingly Fragile” was the word that was used to describe her rare quality and what i describe as a talent that is a flatulence from God. Her spectacular musical talent cultured with her flawless desire of the restructuring of her birth place…has made this queen of african music a most adore icon.
Nneka Lucia...
Her recent album cooked in the desire to make known the political situation of her home country, peppered with the religious and moral mix which serves as a reminder of who we are…Nneka a name now written among the stars reminds the Nigerian youths of what the previous leaders of the nation has gone through therefore obliging us to raise for the sake of the future.

Nneka’s music has so much talked about her homeland and the plights of the previous and present governments, in her recent single “soul is heavy” she made mention of the several activists that has served has leaders; who fought for the progress of the nation and was punished dearly for it, thereby provoking a flashback on the minds of the people and calling for amendments in the God forsaken acts of our government.

the 31-year-old, has made herself a voice among the body of the Nigerian youth and has tend to remind us of who we are and what we should fight for…Enjoy one of her single below…


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