This is my first blog about cancer, though it was what I researched about in undergraduate school but the daily fatality rate of this rarely cured disease and the ignorance and lack of information seeking of individuals has warranted me to spread or rather create an awareness  through my blog in-order to wake you up about the younger brother of AIDS .

Cancer has been considered to have existed since complex life evolved, it has being researched that every living thing with a cell can have cancer, plants, dogs, cats most especially humans; it has being around for thousands of years.

Cancer occurs as a result of mutation, occasionally, DNA become damage, or mutated, and the sequence of the nucleotides in the gene is altered; as a result of this mutation, damages occurs in protein formation and production. Though a cell has a fundamental safety measure(s), every cell contains a special protein that proofread genetic code and repairs any small error in a cell and if the damage is beyond repair the cell commits suicide, a process known has apoptosis. more so, the damage to a DNA can be severe enough to make a faulty protein, and the resulting mutated cell can divide passing on its damaged DNA to its daughter cells.


The cells in the human body grow and multiple which is a process known as cell division; if there is a quick division of a cell it tend to be disastrous . when cell divides, it first make an exact replica of its DNA via a process called DNA replication. before splitting in half to form two daughter’ cells that are genetically identical which involves hundreds of protein. some of this proteins tells the cell when or when not to divide, while others are responsible for making sure the DNA is copied accurately; more so, a few among these cells are involved in pulling the duplicated chromosomes apart as the cell splits in two.

Cancer is a disease of cell division, uncontrolled cell division can have many causes and can happen in any type of cell in the body, but it results from defects or damages in one more of the genes involved in the cell division. if this gene become mutated in some way or the other, by exposure to ultraviolent radiation or cigarette smoke, the cell can start to divide uncontrollably. these defective cells can multiply to form a lump of abnormal tissue called Tumor.

Cancered Lips



   “This is a photograph of a person with an Oral Cancer”









This question may sound absurd, but believe it’s a question you need to think about twice; I carried out a research on academia information seek behavior and guess what I found 45% of this academia seem not to know what cancer is, not to talk about what causes it. I asked a Professor in Marketing if he knows anything about cancer and is response was “cancer!!! I do not seem to believe much in the irony of the disease” now did you see why I asked if you were learned… this response signifies that a lot of learned personnel do not have the slightest idea of what cancer is. Millions die on a daily bases just because they refuse to seek health related information and the act of self medication is becoming  an issue that is singularly destroying the purpose of seeking health related information. To be learned means to be all encompassing, don’t be like a table with three legs, seek to save yourself from a lot.



A lot of prominent Nigerians has died as a result of cancer?!; Do you know that the late MD/CEO of GTB, Mr. Tayo Aderinokun died as a result of cancer?. I’m sure you don’t, even people with means and knowledge do not have a chance when it comes to cancer, should I say wrong knowledge or lack of knowledge; definitely lack of proper knowledge, that is why we have to be proactive in seeking health related information in every area and source necessary. Save yourself and your love ones of this idiom “Life is a Dwarf”.


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