NNEKA, Lucia Egbuna (The Beauty of African Music)

What are the inspirations we get from todays music, what are the teachings we tend to put into practise, what are the histories we do not know or forget.
Who among todays arts reminds us of who we are, what we want to achieve and what we are fighting for…quoting Spin “Righteaously Bold and Heartbreakingly Fragile” was the word that was used to describe her rare quality and what i describe as a talent that is a flatulence from God. Her spectacular musical talent cultured with her flawless desire of the restructuring of her birth place…has made this queen of african music a most adore icon.
Nneka Lucia...
Her recent album cooked in the desire to make known the political situation of her home country, peppered with the religious and moral mix which serves as a reminder of who we are…Nneka a name now written among the stars reminds the Nigerian youths of what the previous leaders of the nation has gone through therefore obliging us to raise for the sake of the future.

Nneka’s music has so much talked about her homeland and the plights of the previous and present governments, in her recent single “soul is heavy” she made mention of the several activists that has served has leaders; who fought for the progress of the nation and was punished dearly for it, thereby provoking a flashback on the minds of the people and calling for amendments in the God forsaken acts of our government.

the 31-year-old, has made herself a voice among the body of the Nigerian youth and has tend to remind us of who we are and what we should fight for…Enjoy one of her single below…


Apple Ipod touch (5th generation)

After adding every possible feature in their Apple Ipod touch 4th generation including a touchscreen with a dazzling display, people thought that the Ipod had finally reached its pinnacle and could get no better. Well, they were wrong. Rumors have started circulating the web about a new soon to be released Ipod. A connection toggle switch has been added as evident by the leaked photos. This implies that the new Ipod will get 3G connectivity. This would mean unlimited text messaging at virtually no cost. The always connected status will be very useful for communication and entertainment alike. Another plus point is that this dual core A5 powered gadget can compete with the majority of smart phones in gaming as well as other apps. This would, in fact, make it a competitor of Iphone as well as Ipad. These new features are bound to push up the prices of the next Ipod Touch but that is something we will have to wait and see. It is currently at the 10th position of Top 10 most awaited gadgets.

Cupid or Stupid?

Candy wrappers, greeting card aisles and especially sappy TV commercials say it’s coming; there’s something in the air, and we think you know what we’re talking about… love it or hate it: Valentine’s Day is on its way.

Are you confused on what acquire for your love ones…well i dont think you need to worry anymore; a pair of grey, pink love shape dotts Toms will do.

Ask for it here

Meet Blake Mycoskie

Philanthropist/Entrepeneur and Founder of TOMS Shoes

A Brief Bio of Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie grew up in Texas and graduated from St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, TX in 1995. His heart was set on becoming a professional tennis player and he was awarded a scholarship to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. However, an injury to his Achilles tendon during his sophomore year ended his dream of playing professionally. As he told a group of high school students at his alma mater,“Sometimes our greatest setbacks turn out to be our greatest opportunities.”

Since he could no longer play tennis and was on crutches, Blake began a national laundry service for college students during his sophomore year. He was a philosophy major who admits he had no business experience or expertise, but it seems he had a God-given knack for it. He went on to start an online poker website which was successful enough to be sold for a pretty profit. He started a billboard business that he also built and sold. He and his sister, Paige, competed in the reality show on CBS called “The Amazing Race” and finished second place.

As a result of being on “The Amazing Race” he visited Argentina where he came upon some young women doing a shoe drive for the poorest children in the country. If they didn’t have shoes, they could not go to school. Once again, the entrepreneurial juices started flowing and TOMS Shoes was birthed in 2006. His business model was to make and sell traditional Argentinian farmer shoes (which he had started wearing while in Argentina) and build the cost of another pair of shoes into the price point so he could give away one pair of TOMS Shoes to people in need with every pair of shoes he sold.


In 2009, TOMS Shoes gave away 300,000 shoes around the globe.

TOMS Shoes may be the new Uggs

TOMS shoes are more than comfortable, stylish shoes. Its simplicity and wild variety has made this product the new Uggs or should i say the new Chucks Taylor.

Celebrities are wearing them and offering designs for them. Celebrities who have been seen wearing TOMS shoes include, but is not limited to:
Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightly, Bono, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, and Scarlett Johanssen.

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Can Startups Learn Anything From Linux?

Linux is the world’s largest collaborative software development project. People from all over the world have influenced the Linux kernel code, and it runs on everything from mainframe computers to wristwatches. Linux, and free software development in general, provides some tremendous insights into what makes a successful project. Can today’s startups learn anything from the history of Linux?

The history of Linux proves that collaborative development speeds true innovation. If Linus Torvalds were left to work on Linux alone, there’s no way it would be the success it is today. A great many of the things that Linux does today are a direct result of people scratching their own itches, and then contributing their work back upstream to Linus. Many people focusing on their own little (and not-so-little) problems have made Linux the powerhouse that it is today.

It might not make sense for every startup to develop their project in public, but they can certainly avoid reinventing many wheels by using existing free software projects wherever possible. Many smart people are working all day every day to improve the building blocks of
innovation, and startups should be a part of that communal effort.

Certainly startups should focus on their own “secret sauce”, but they can also participate in the larger free software ecosystem. For example, there’s no long-term competitive advantage to a startup if they make improvements to Apache, or MongoDB, or other “plumbing” aspects of the Linux stack. Any such improvements can — and, in my opinion, should! — be shared upstream to benefit everyone.

In a similar vein, though, if there’s some home-grown technology that helps your startup but isn’t fundamental to its success, why not release it in order to leverage the global body of free software developers? Facebook releases free softwareLinkedIn releases free softwareGoogle releases free software. All of these releases are obviously used internally, but they’re not fundamental to the success of the company. I think there’s a lot to learn from the big players in this respect.

As Ubuntu‘s Technical Architect Allison Randal said, “Free Software is a fundamentally superior model for developing software.” Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation‘s Executive Director, says, “Free your technology and see it spread and do things you never even imagined were possible.”

Another lesson that startups can learn from Linux: when you disrupt the status quo you attract enemies. When Linux was gaining traction through the 90s, it was the target of intense attack from established industry players. Many of those early detractors are now contributing to the Linux kernel, as well as many other free software projects.

Zemlin points to Facebook as a shining example of what “the Linux community has been practicing for years: first – don’t do it for the money, second maintain the hacker way. And, the money follows.” He goes on to observe that there “is no coincidence that one of the greatest entrepreneurial success stories of the last decade is deeply rooted in one of the greatest technology innovations of the last two decades: Linux and open development.”

via: Techcrunch

Skin Gun Uses Stem Cells to Completely Heal Severe Burns in Days

Unlike other medical devices used to treat burn victims, this groundbreaking skin gun by Jorg C. Gerlach and colleagues at Stem Cell Systems GmbH in Berlin uses “individual adult stem cells from the patient’s uninjured skin are applied to the wound site, where they differentiate into normal skin.” Continue reading for the video — warning, not for the squeamish.

The newly introduced stem cells are able to regenerate and differentiate into their respective parts in a matter of days. The first phase of gathering the patient’s stem cells, creating a solution, and applying the stem cells takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. Within a week, the wound dressing procedure allows the stem skin cells to fully generate normal skin, and after a couple of months the skin regains its color and texture.



They think the 2012 election wouldn’t change a thing is that what you also think?…

Source: clintfix.com via Clint on Pinterest


This is my first blog about cancer, though it was what I researched about in undergraduate school but the daily fatality rate of this rarely cured disease and the ignorance and lack of information seeking of individuals has warranted me to spread or rather create an awareness  through my blog in-order to wake you up about the younger brother of AIDS .

Cancer has been considered to have existed since complex life evolved, it has being researched that every living thing with a cell can have cancer, plants, dogs, cats most especially humans; it has being around for thousands of years.

Cancer occurs as a result of mutation, occasionally, DNA become damage, or mutated, and the sequence of the nucleotides in the gene is altered; as a result of this mutation, damages occurs in protein formation and production. Though a cell has a fundamental safety measure(s), every cell contains a special protein that proofread genetic code and repairs any small error in a cell and if the damage is beyond repair the cell commits suicide, a process known has apoptosis. more so, the damage to a DNA can be severe enough to make a faulty protein, and the resulting mutated cell can divide passing on its damaged DNA to its daughter cells.


The cells in the human body grow and multiple which is a process known as cell division; if there is a quick division of a cell it tend to be disastrous . when cell divides, it first make an exact replica of its DNA via a process called DNA replication. before splitting in half to form two daughter’ cells that are genetically identical which involves hundreds of protein. some of this proteins tells the cell when or when not to divide, while others are responsible for making sure the DNA is copied accurately; more so, a few among these cells are involved in pulling the duplicated chromosomes apart as the cell splits in two.

Cancer is a disease of cell division, uncontrolled cell division can have many causes and can happen in any type of cell in the body, but it results from defects or damages in one more of the genes involved in the cell division. if this gene become mutated in some way or the other, by exposure to ultraviolent radiation or cigarette smoke, the cell can start to divide uncontrollably. these defective cells can multiply to form a lump of abnormal tissue called Tumor.

Cancered Lips



   “This is a photograph of a person with an Oral Cancer”









This question may sound absurd, but believe it’s a question you need to think about twice; I carried out a research on academia information seek behavior and guess what I found 45% of this academia seem not to know what cancer is, not to talk about what causes it. I asked a Professor in Marketing if he knows anything about cancer and is response was “cancer!!! I do not seem to believe much in the irony of the disease” now did you see why I asked if you were learned… this response signifies that a lot of learned personnel do not have the slightest idea of what cancer is. Millions die on a daily bases just because they refuse to seek health related information and the act of self medication is becoming  an issue that is singularly destroying the purpose of seeking health related information. To be learned means to be all encompassing, don’t be like a table with three legs, seek to save yourself from a lot.



A lot of prominent Nigerians has died as a result of cancer?!; Do you know that the late MD/CEO of GTB, Mr. Tayo Aderinokun died as a result of cancer?. I’m sure you don’t, even people with means and knowledge do not have a chance when it comes to cancer, should I say wrong knowledge or lack of knowledge; definitely lack of proper knowledge, that is why we have to be proactive in seeking health related information in every area and source necessary. Save yourself and your love ones of this idiom “Life is a Dwarf”.


You heard the joint exactly a month ago; now watch the video for Hakym’s potential hit single “Lamba”. Hakym is consistently putting out solid material under his record label Serengeti Music, and is now beginning to get the recognition we know he deserves. I like the “Lamba” dance in the video. Shout-out to Josh Beatz for another sick instrumental. Big tune!


R2BEES and WIZKID new single

Fashion mistake women make part 2

Wearing dresses which showcases your flaws and highlights the features you don’t want is also a major sign of inconsideration for style and fashion. Know your body type and so you don’t dress inappropriately. For e.g. women with an hourglass figure should wear flow fabrics with a defined waistline. Dressed inappropriately for occasions or interviews and meetings not only gives a bad impression but may also cost you new opportunities to grow. Being dressed casually shows your sense for dressing in the park or when shopping at Walmart, but you do have to be careful when it comes to choosing a dress which wouldn’t look odd or out of place.



One of the major turnoff is when a woman wears clothes that are wrinkled or crumpled and look like they have been picked up from the garbage. It might seem that you are portraying it’s-my-style attitude, but in reality, it just shows your lack of sense for style. In the workplace, wrinkled clothes show you to be highly unprofessional and not serious about your job. Other times if just gives the impression of an unsuccessful life as the person with wrinkled clothes that she doesn’t care how she looks and that is, dear readers, quite the opposite of fashion and trend following.

Clothes that are too tight or too baggy are not only uncomfortable but do no justice to their purpose. Women wear baggy clothes hoping to look thinner but actually end up looking shaggy and old. Similarly, clothes that are too tight make you look fatter and shapeless rather than thin and sleek. You can be wearing a very stylish dress, but if you keep adjusting your shirt and fidgeting with your jeans, it’s not going to help you look stylish. It is stressed that you should go to a gym or yoga centre atleast 3 times a week to keep yourself fit and shapely. This will eliminate the need of wanting to look thinner by wearing ill fitting clothes and will give a big boost to your confidence. Wearing ill-fitting clothes is ranked number 1 in the Top 10 Common Fashion mistakes Women make list.


Style and comfort do not go hand in hand in the fashion world most of the times. Stylish yet uncomfortable shoes can give you lots of pain in more than one place. Shoes that are not comfortable can cause irritation that shows plainly on your face. If you have bad toenails, wear shoes that cover the toenails instead of the open ones. What people fail to understand most of the time is that we should use the current fashion trends to make us look better and cover up any flaws we might see in ourselves instead of bringing them out like explained here. Wearing shoes according to your dress, occasion and most importantly shoes that are comfortable can enhance your style and confidence. Stylish uncomfortable shoes simply keep nagging at you to take them off which kills the whole idea!

Remember the time you saw a woman with odd hair color that reminded you of The Dark Knight movie? Well that’s our fashion faux pas at number 9 in the Top 10 Fashion mistakes women make list. Sporting a certain hairstyle or hair color requires a lot of care and reflection. Assess what colors suit your skin and complement your features. You should always go for hair colors which are a shade or two above or below your skin color. Secondly, your hairstyle also affects the way you look. A lot of people have odd hair colors which makes them look even better than their natural hair colors did because they have done thorough research before going for it. So go to a good hairstylist for sound advice if you are hell bent on having one of those green or orange hair colors to save yourself from tons of embarrassment.

I guess you know what your mistakes are now, learn and be a fashion police to others and your kids most especially

Sukiyaki – I Dey Para Gan Featuring Ola





Sukiyaki of Trip city drops a new freestyle on Chris brown’s smash hit “Look at me now” titled “I Dey Para Gan” and features Ola.

listen below share thoughts by commenting

I Dey Para Gon

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